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About us


SUP-TEC is a company who works besides operators in accordance with the Drilling activities Rules and provides them with:

  1. Specialized experts willing to share their skills
  2. New talents in need of developing their drilling abilities

Our team

Nom : Julien COURREGES
Function : Chairman
Speciality : Drilling Fluids Specialist
Nom : Adeline FRICHE
Function : Administrative Coordinator
Speciality : Human Ressources, Training and Customer relations
Nom : Catherine MAUPEU
Function : Quality Manager
Speciality : Leading Companies to ISO 9001 Certification
Nom : Assistante Administrative
Function : Administrative Asssitant
Speciality : Logistics, Training and Administrative


Our Values

Sup-Tec is your Partner from your Project preparation up to its achievement and also for your workforce skill development. Our management is based on Three Values which represent the mainspring of our Company actions:

Respect                                                   Commitment                                                 Faithfulness

These values are essential to perpetuate our company. There are to be applied from the beginning with any stakeholder up to the achievement of our services. A shared vision of our company culture is guaranteed by the approval by all stakeholders of the described values and rules described in this Code of Conduct. Each partner must read it carrefully and respect it.

Our Ethics and Code of Conduct can be downloaded:

Our Skills

SUP-TEC main activity is to provide our clients with our drilling skill support, from the project up to achievement of their operations.