Our Team

Catherine MAUPEU

Role : Quality Approach Officer
Spécialité :

Strong experience of other 15 years in leading Companies to ISO 9001 Certification

E-mail :

Mélodie HABY

Role : Manager Assistant
Experience :

Human Resources, Travels and Training Management

Skills :

10 years in the Oil & Gas Industry and Training Centers

E-mail :
Phone: + 33 (0) 6 70 64 04 02


Role : Executive Director
Experience :

30 years in the Oil & Gas Industry

Skills :

International Mobility, Human Resources, Projects and Contracts Management

E-mail :
Phone: + 33 (0) 6 70 64 04 53


Role : Technical Manager
Experience :

15 years in the Oil & Gas Industry

Skills :

Drilling Fluids and Cement Expert

E-mail :


Role : Chairman
Skills :

Driling Fluids Specialist

E-mail :
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Our Values

Sup-Tec is your Partner from your Project preparation up to its achievement and also for your workforce skill development. Our management is based on Three Values which represent the mainspring of our Company actions:


Respect is a feeling of being regardful of someone else, it is based on what each individual must, or should, be able to experience towards other or the established order.

Respect is the foundation value for humankind relationships, and it is reflected by kindness in our behaviours.

That is why we:

  • Offer our employees a personalized support taking into account each one’s dignity, expectation and Labour Regulations (contractual terms, travel mobilty, healthcare coverage…)
  • Ensure that each employee is involved in his or her own safety as for as for the others’, and that he or she observes the general and particular Health and Safety instructions in force at the workplace.
  • Respect the HSE rules and ethical values defined by the Client at the mission locations.
  • Implement safety recommendations and are respectful of Culture in force in countries of assignment.


Faithfulness is a value expressed by the fulfilment of any commitment undertaken, respect for rules, and involvement in the company.

Faithfulness is frankness, reliability, moral and professional righteousness that is essential for living together with the company stakeholders (customers, partners, employees, colleagues, suppliers) in a reciprocal trust.

Faithfulness is carried out in our daily behaviour and is showed through such actions as:

  • Being respectful of ethics, other people’s and oneself values.
  • Showing honesty and respecting our commitments and promise.
  • Being kind in our communicating and behaviours
  • Forbidding any subject and any action that could harm the company such has information delivery to competitors, conflicting activity, active our passive bribery.

These values are essential to perpetuate our company. There are to be applied from the beginning with any stakeholder up to the achievement of our services. A shared vision of our company culture is guaranteed by the approval by all stakeholders of the described values and rules described in this Code of Conduct.

Our Ethics and Code of Conduct can be downloaded:

Our Skills

SUP-TEC main activity is to provide our clients with our drilling skill support, from the project up to achievement of their operations.