About us

Sup-Tec is a Partner for Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Civil Works and other Industries, in the field of engineering, technical audit, project coordination and operation assistance.

SUP-TEC aims at building up with its customers and partners, a lasting and reliable relationship based on the consideration of all stakeholders concerns and the analysis of their demands, for a service support meeting their requirements.

Further Information

Julien Courrèges

Training Program Engineering

  • Training program according to the customer’s needs.
  • Personnel skills development
  • Courses provided by oil drilling experts

Engineering, Research & Project Development

  • Research and project development by specialists
  • Strong experiment in Oil and Gas issue settlement
  • Analysis of tender offers

Consultancy Services

  • Audit and technical assistance
  • Drilling operation supervision
  • Management of service companies during operation

The News

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